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ProTecht The Keep - May 2020

Quarterly Security Solutions for the Homeowner

May 2020 – Cyber Security for Your Home

Today almost every residence has internet. Some may be faster than others, but most residences have some type of internet. If you do, you could be a victim.

We lock our cars, we lock our doors, we put cameras on the house, but we leave the digital doors open. Our internet is not just our way out to the world during COVID-19, but it is someone else’s way in. Many companies have experienced a cyber-attack since COVID-19 as workers were hacked at home and then using the VPN attacked the company through the home network.

In the first month of COVID-19, CNN reported a 500 percent increase in cyber-attacks on residences.

There are the “hackers” of the world that try to get in for fun, but today cyber-attacks are big business. Data is being sold for 7+ figures. Malware being sold like Netflix, all with the intent to do damage to you.

The chance that you will be a victim of a cyber-attack is high and it is growing.

Here are some things to think about.

How secure is your router?

•Did you change the username and password to something a) that you will remember, and b) something stronger than “password”?

•Did you change the settings on the router after the technician that was there for 10 minutes installed it?

•Does your router have a firewall setting? Is it enabled?

•Have you updated the firmware since it was installed?

Install a separate Wi-Fi router that you control

Did you change your passwords?

•Without changing the default passwords, anyone driving by your house can scan and gain access through that Alexa enabled lightbulb.

•Make sure all devices that connect to your wireless router are secured.

Does the Microwave really need to be on the internet?

Call a professional to secure your house.

Download PDF • 842KB

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