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ProTecht The Keep - February 2020

Quarterly Security Solutions for the Homeowner

February 2020 – Public Private Partnerships (P3s)

It doesn’t matter if you are in a small town, or a major city.

It doesn’t matter if you are in a Neighborhood or a High-Rise Condo

It doesn’t matter if you live in a safe neighborhood, or a gangland territory.

Your Neighborhood and the local Police Department can make a difference.

For a number of years I was the police officer. We had neighborhoods we went in frequently because someone was acting out. We also had neighborhoods that we would drive through to let everyone know they were safe. It was in the days before Facebook, but it shocked many people. Nice neighborhood, why was a police officer there.

Today things have changed. Public Private Partnerships or P3s are key to everyone’s success.

Here’s how they work.

Most police departments have at least one community coordinator, maybe more that helps neighborhoods identify issues and address them. Creating a partnership with these officers can bring resources and trainings to the neighborhood, such as baby seat fitting, bicycle safety, and other safety programs.

Communities can sponsor safety days. Police, Fire, and Ambulances can show off the gear to kids, and neighbors get to meet the emergency personnel responding. It also allows emergency services a chance to see the neighborhood and get a feel for the roads in case they have to respond.

A growing trend is to share video data with police departments. Ring has begun to do this with the Ring Neighborhood data. Many Neighborhoods and High-Rise condos are beginning to offer their entranceway cameras, License Plate Cameras, or clubhouse cameras to the police department. This may be a direct connection, or at least advising the department that they have video if ever needed. This speeds up investigations, keeps neighborhoods safer, and reduces crime overall.

Zone Checks are another partnership that will grow over time. Anyone can call for an officer to ride through or walk a High-Rise because of any number of reasons. Officers may also begin to check these areas if the call volume or the threat feels to be higher.

911 is for emergencies. It’s also for you. 911 operators can get you the emergency services you need. This includes routine calls for zone checks; meet with an officer, etc.


There are many other ways to protect your home, neighborhood, company, and city. These are just a few common ways to engage with local police. If you feel your Company or Neighborhood is lacking the ability to make Safe a Reality, please contact ProTecht Solutions Partners at the contact information at the bottom of the page.

Happy New Year and Stay Safe!

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