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ProTecht The Keep - December 2019

Monthly Security Solutions for the Homeowner

December 2019 – Crime Prevention Made Easy

We all live somewhere; a Neighborhood, a High-Rise, an apartment, somewhere. What shouldn’t keep you up at night is if you, your family, and your things are safe.

Security is for Everyone, and Safe should be more than just a feeling.

Police Officers are taught a methodology, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. The methodology was coined in 1971, and is still being used today. At its essence, it takes common sense actions to make us safe. Below are some simple ways to protect your home.

Safe can be more than a feeling!

Alarm Sign in the Front Yard (even if you don’t have an alarm) – By putting an alarm sign in the front yard, 70% of all crime has been stopped.

Put a pair of men’s boots outside – If you a single woman living alone; don’t let someone make you a target. Go to a thrift shop and purchase a large size pair of used men’s boots. Periodically put them out on the doorstep to keep anyone from messing with the large man inside.

Plant a holly bush – If you have a ground level bedroom with a window, plant a holly bush or two in front of the window. Most criminals use the path less painful. If you plant a holly bush, the criminal will think twice about entering the house, or if they try you may have time to call the police as they struggle to get in.

Keep the yard clean – It’s simple, but if the yard looks disheveled, criminals now have both a target (you) and a method of concealment to you.

Turn on the lights – Light the hallways, front porch, etc. Put lights on timers if you are out. First, if a high-rise hallway is dimly lit, it now looks disheveled and offers concealment. Second, the light allows for clarification or recognition of the criminal.

Get to know your neighbors – You don’t have to hang out with them unless you want, but friendly neighbors still offer a watchful eye when you are not at home.

Making small changes to your space will make Safe a Reality.

There are many other ways to protect your home, neighborhood, company, and city. These are just a few common sense implementations. If you feel your Company or Neighborhood is lacking the ability to make Safe a Reality, please contact ProTecht Solutions Partners at the contact information at the bottom of the page.

Have a Merry Christmas and stay Safe!

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