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A Security Consultant - Why?

One word, Passion. I like this stuff. I am passionate about helping people. I am passionate about security. On this side of glory there will be people with intentions to hurt us, our companies, our staff, and our property. With the nexus of Security and IoT, the possibilities of uses are both limitless and require great restraint. Physical Security has now smashed into Cyber Security with the fallout of a nuclear bomb. But in the glorious collision we have both great gains and more work. 

It’s time to #thinkoutsidethepanel. It’s time to offer #serviceandintegrity.

Over my career I watched Security Installers / Security Integrators, provide systems to customers. But what I have also seen is that the customer was left holding a system that did not do what it needed to do. It wasn’t future proofed. It rarely was integrated with the other pieces in the system; they were change ordered to death, and then the integrator left.


Have you ever purchased a system and then felt that you were constantly bombarded with change orders, or calling in service calls because it just didn’t work? 

 I am going to change that

I became a Security Consultant to guide customers to security solutions that meet their needs (and wants). Every customer is different. Cookie cutter solutions don’t work for most companies. With the new technologies being released into the market, the customer deserves the right to have the technology that will meet their need and grow with them to the next need. 

 You Deserve it

I recently heard a speaker say that exact thing. You deserve it. You deserve what you want. As a customer, you deserve a Security Solution that does what YOU want it to do, not what the Security Integrator wants to sell you. 

I am here to walk beside cities, companies, and neighborhoods to work with their stakeholders and design the Security Solution they need. I write the spec documents or validate proposal respondents. As a certified project manager, I continue to walk with customers to hold integrators to their scope. I do this as a service to the customer. At the end of the day, You Deserve to have a system that works for you, not the guy down the street.


I am a Security Consultant because the customer deserves to have a system that works for them. They deserve a company who is willing to have their back instead of just a check. The customer deserves someone who is passionate about security. 

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