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About ProTecht

Security Consulting

ProTecht Solutions Partners believes Safe should be more than a feeling, it should be a reality.  We understand that cities, companies, and neighborhoods have unique security concerns, but each have the responsibility to keep people safe.  We can help show them how. 

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About Partners

Leadership Consulting

Today, Security Integrators are losing market share to DIY installs, to IT Vendors taking over specifications and installations, and manufacturer direct selling. 

ProTecht Solutions Partners bring Security Industry experience directly to the Security Integrator to help them grow their business. We help Integrators grow into the new verticals, retain and grow existing customers, and increase their skilled resources.

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About the Founder

My industry passion is security.  I bring out-of-the-box thinking to every design.  I see the future of security as an IoT/OT and cybersecurity convergence that is only growing.  Physical and Electronic Security now must have a radical shift in design and implementation to meet the growing needs of the customer. 

If security is my passion, then I have two purposes.  1) Securing the Smart City through traditional and new surveillance techniques, information sharing, and Public Private Partnerships (P3s); and 2) Coaching the Security Installer on trends to help make them a better for their clients. 

My story starts over 20 years ago as Police Officer with a major metropolitan police department.  From the beginning I wanted to help keep people safe.  I later went to manage security technology for global non-profit.  Since then I have spent time in every job category within the security industry to bring a better customer experience.


                                                                                                                         - Jon Polly 


ProTecht Solutions Partners

What Is In A Name?

ProTecht - Professional.  Security Technology.  Protected.

Solutions - We build full solutions, not part and pieces.

Partners - We build partners with our clients, and we build partners for our clients.

The Towers in our logo stand for these three core pillars.  The towers represent the medieval Keep, the fortified stronghold of refuge.



ProTecht releases industry specific articles frequently.  Links to those articles can be found by clicking the link below.


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